Our overall design philosophy is a commitment to new and traditional ideas that make sense, is functional in scale, regionally and aesthetically appropriate, and benefits each specific project environment. We believe that design should be ideas oriented rather than fashionable or trendy.

Projects designed by Atelier Bart Ancheta, Inc. become a source of pride and satisfaction to the client, providing comfort, convenience and motivation to the occupants, while offering visual pleasure to its guest or visitors and to the community. 

Our design methodology is the process of making intelligent, responsible and creative decisions that solve functional problems that satisfy aesthetic goals through interactive and concentrated approach among client, architect, engineering consultants, contractors, and governing agencies throughout the design process. We make  thorough understanding of the constraint of function, site characteristics, aesthetic, and budget that are unique in every project.

Atelier Bart Ancheta Inc. design approach involves the identification of each program components and budget needs, testing each aspect and solving each problem areas, and finally, putting all the new found ideas together in a single design solution which is responsive to the immediate and future needs of the client and the environment.